SR Capture will work with you to get to know your processes, products and services. Our experts will analyse how you process data with your organisation and identify opportunities for efficiency savings where manual tasks could be automated and data capture software could be utilised. Then we can fully implement the data capture solution we recommend.

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Benfits of SR Capture consultation

  • Expert analysis of existing processes
  • Identification of potential savings
  • Recommendations of the most appropriate data capture software
  • Full cost vs benefit analysis
  • We can fully implement proposed solutions

As well as being experts at installing and using the different data capture software products available, we also have a wealth of experience at integrating them into real world scenarios to deliver tangible benefits. Once our consultants have identified possible improvements, we have the skill and experience to deliver and fully implement our recommendations.

Our expertise extends to enhancing existing systems and developing new software (or modules for existing software) to help our customers get the best possible value from their data capture solutions.

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