SR Capture develop bespoke data capture software for the specific needs of our individual clients. We build scalable solutions that massively improve productivity and efficiency in the way you receive, process and archive data throughout your workflows. Our systems are designed to be flexible so that they can change and grow with your organisation with the ability to add in new modules for additional functionality and features.

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Data Capture System Development

  • New software built for your unique needs
  • Automate manual processes
  • Improve efficiency
  • Enable new functionality
  • Enhance your service provision

The data capture software we develop is designed around the principle of reducing manual work, improving accuracy and consistency, and highlighting errors by automating processes to collect and sanitise data then feed it directly into your systems.

Examples include: taking paper application forms and turning them into client records in your database; designing new electronic forms which allow customers to directly provide fully validated data; designing new modules for existing data capture software you already use to add new features; designing new databases and electronic archiving solutions where records were previously held on paper.

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